Amazon Buying Tricks Every Prime Member Should Know

Amazon has become a one-stop destination for fulfilling the majority of the shopping needs of people. Besides searching for tech gadgets, homely items, garments, etc., it is not always possible to get the lowest prices on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon has plenty of offers and great Amazon deals. But sometimes, people shop at Amazon for convenience. Especially when it comes to Amazon Prime members, if you have been an Amazon customer for decades, then you must be aware of Amazon buying tricks and hacks to ensure you are always getting the deals at the best prices.

Furthermore, you might be aware of a few Amazon buying tricks, whereas you are not from a few tricks and hacks. So here, a few of Amazon buying tricks and hacks are given as downward points. Hence, you always get the possible best Amazon deal and offers.

1. Amazon Shopping Tricks and Prime Day

One of the best Amazon buying tricks is shopping at Prime Days. It is must know that the first Prime Day deals of this year, 2022, will begin on Tuesday, July 12 at 3 a.m. ET as per Amazon confirmation. And this 48 hours event will end on July 13. Also, Amazon is additionally promising regarding an early batch of deals beginning on Tuesday, June 21. The above sales will give up to 55% off Amazon tech and other devices.

2. When to Reach Out to Customer Service

Suppose you purchased something from Amazon, and later after the delivery, you found some defects and threats in that product while using. In this case, first, you should view or go through the reviews of those products before buying anything from Amazon. Secondly, as a remedy, you should contact Amazon customer support to let them know about your product’s defects and problems. To resolve your problem, Amazon will exchange your product and offer a refund for your purchase. Hence, if you ever buy something from Amazon that isn’t advertised, then you can contact Amazon for an exchange or refund. And implementing this for resolving problems plays a relevant role; when it comes to Amazon buying tricks and hacks.

3. Always Look for Digital Coupon Codes

Another of the best Amazon buying tricks and hacks is using coupon codes. It is also one of the vital and easiest ways to save your money on Amazon. As you know, the retailer is responsible for offering digital codes and coupons on several products. At times, the coupons and codes will apply automatically. You have to select the coupon box to ensure a discount manually. The Amazon buying tricks here are that it’s very easy for you to overlook digital coupons. Also, whenever; digital coupons and codes are available, you’ll see a tiny radio box under the Amazon price. Further, click the box, and the coupon will automatically apply at checkout. Hence, this is an easy and visible or overlooked trick.

4. Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Student

These Amazon buying tricks are primarily for students or student-oriented. If you are a college student, then switching to Amazon Prime Student is necessary. Also, you get a free 6-month trial, and you only have to pay half the price of a traditional Prime membership. There, students must pay $59/year or $6.49/month for membership. Moreover, students also get exclusive offers like discounts on textbooks, e-textbook rentals, Music Unlimited for just $0.99/month, and a bonus, a free two-month Kindle Unlimited trial.

5. Get the Most of Free Prime Membership

Being a Prime member is one of the beneficial and amazing Amazon buying tricks of Amazon. It might be possible that not everyone can afford to pay $139/year for membership; that’s why there are a few tricks and hacks around that membership price. Signing up for Amazon’s free 30-day trial is the easiest, but doing this only works for non-members or those who haven’t been Prime members in the past year. Moreover, as an alternative, you can share a Prime membership with someone you trust, as you’ll have to share wallets to share Prime perks. Notably, you can manage your household settings via Amazon’s website. 

Furthermore, you can choose to go monthly. Also, you will pay $14.99/month, which is more costly than paying for a full year, but you can activate your membership; whenever you know that you’ll do a lot of shopping, such as during Prime Day deals season or Black Friday season. Also, you can cancel your subscription when you don’t require a Prime membership.

6. Always Shop with Camelizer

The buyers depend on the CamelCamelCamel website to find out if a product is genuinely on sale or not. Hence, this quality is categorized under the Amazon buying tricks and hacks to save your money. Moreover, CamelCamelCamel is a website that displays the price history of most products and items sold on Amazon. Furthermore, people can use the browser extension “The Camelizer” because using this allows you to glance at the price chart directly from your browser. Remember, it doesn’t track everything. Amazon’s price and sales history aren’t always 100% accurate, but still, it is an excellent tool for every Amazon shopper.

7. Take Advantage of Amazon Freebies

The most appreciated Amazon buying tricks and hacks are offering “Freebies.” It is something Amazon loves offering to their Prime members, from Kindle books to cloud storage. Moreover, the Prime membership can be free for the first thirty days. However, Amazon doesn’t offer a guide to all of its freebies. But, some of the popular ones include:- 

  • Free movie streaming: Only Prime members can get free access to thousands of movies and shows on Prime Video.
  • Free reading: Here, the Prime members can access thousands of books, magazines, comics, and even more by using Prime Reading. And the best part is that you don’t need a kindle to get your free book. Further, the Kindle app can turn practically any iOS or Android-based device into your preferred method of reading. 
  • Free music streaming: Amazon has facilitated its Prime members with Amazon Music Prime. It gives free access to 2 million songs. But remember, accessing the newest songs or most prominent artists isn’t always possible. 

Free photo storage: By switching to Amazon Photos, Prime members can get unlimited cloud storage for their digital photos. As per the information, you can get unlimited, full-resolution storage. Furthermore, you can also get 5GB of video storage.

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