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Best Wordpress Email Marketing Plugins 2022

If you are looking for some good email marketing plugins. Here are some best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins in 2022.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 08-03-2022

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With an email subscription list is one of the top ways to grow your website. Though, forming one manually is time-consuming and effective marketing is mainly hard. In addition, marketing plugins and WordPress email subscription makes the task easy and fast. Additionally, you can create professional-looking emails from your WordPress dashboard. As, it will help you to raise your readership.

Top Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins 2022

1. HubSpot

Best Wordpress Email Marketing Plugins 2022

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform which helps businesses raise good. However, this platform empowers businesses to attract better, delight, and attract customers. Further, this has plenty of free tools, which include CRM, live chats and chatbots, email marketing, forms, reporting, ad management, and much more. 

Additionally, the free email marketing tools has a gorgeous drag-and-drag builder and is natively combine with WordPress. Therefore, you can send up to 2000 emails per month for free. Also, the Native WordPress plugin makes it possible to manage contacts. Then, email marketing inside of your WordPress admin dashboard. Also, email marketing inside of your WordPress admin dashboard. Thus, it comes in one of the best email marketing plugins. 

Pros: This is simple to use and has combinations with over 300 tools. 

Cons: It’s not include in the free plan, if you want advanced reporting or marketing automation.  

2. Mail Chimp

It is one of the most famous email marketing platforms, and so is the plugin. Also, there are several of pre-built mobile-friendly and customizable signup forms. Furthermore, an extensive knowledge base and a useful selection of add-on plugins are available. Hence, this comes in as one of the best email marketing plugins. 

Pros: It is streamline, trusted, absolutely supported, and makes email design simple. 

Cons: The buried data can consulate the procedure carefully if you are an advanced user who wants to adjust any of MailChimp’s default settings.

3. SendInBlue

Best Wordpress Email Marketing Plugins 2022

It is an all-in-one email marketing plugin which includes different features to make email list building and management easy. Further, this includes email statistics, automation, and a drag-and-drop email campaign builder. Though, the feature set can be a bit complex for less advanced users. Lastly, this comes in one of the best email marketing plugins.  

Pros: This comes with retaliation email design templates, and great real-time tracking abilities. 

Cons: It is not as beginner-friendly as other options and lacks certain third-party combinations.

4. Sumo List Builder

Best Wordpress Email Marketing Plugins 2022

This is possibly one of the most famous sets of tools available for WordPress, Also, offers email marketing, social sharing, analytics tools, and social sharing. Then, you can adapt the list builder’s actions to fit your marketing needs. Further, by using the built-in Smart Mode popup technology. Furthermore, there are also a selection of pre-made templates, customizable popup forms, and mobile display capabilities at your disposal. Moreover, there’s no capability to send emails using the plugin. Thus, it comes in one of the best email marketing plugins.  

Pros: It’s a super-easy interface, allowing you to twist your list to meet your particular needs. 

Cons: In comparison to other email marketing plugin solutions, the more advance plans of Sumo List Builder are comparatively costly.

5. OnePress Opt-In Panda

OnePress Opt-In Panda

You can connect with your website visitors in a completely new way by blending it with your favorite email solutions. However, you can improve the types of content you deliver. Further, by tracking user interactions and response rates with the built-in analytics options. Therefore, you also have the capability to lock premium content. Though, you also have the capacity to lock premium content. In addition, the variety of settings can make it overwhelming for beginners. Hence, this comes in as one of the best email marketing plugins. Lastly, if you are looking for more content, then you can go through WordPress backup plugins. 

Pros: It is highly developer-friendly, loads ultra-fast, and optimized for mobile devices. 

Cons: Though, boasted by some of the other plugins we have feature does not give advanced analytical features.

6. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

This is a newsletter plugin that allows you to collect email subscribers and send newsletters from your WordPress dashboard. Also, there are options for batch sending, importing, and exporting subscribers. Moreover, have the ability to track open rates (although only basic analytics). Lastly, it comes in one of the best email marketing plugins.  

Pros: Though, the plugin lets you to fastly import and export registered user data from a CSV file.

Cons: On the other hand, it is pretty lowest and does not present much by way of analytics or scalability.

7. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is not a separate email newsletter service. However, it’s a popup tool that allows you to use basically any newsletter provider. Basically, on your site alongside its own features. Also, there is advance analytics to browse. Though there’s no capability to send emails using the plugin. Thus, this comes in one of the best email marketing plugins. 

Pros: It lets you rapidly test multiple versions of your signup form. Indeed, which is highly beneficial to site adaptability. That, OptinMonster is also set up and customise according to your business wants.

Cons: OptinMonster’s both the free and ‘Basic’ versions are pretty limit. Also, you will have to invest more to acquire the complete benefits of the plugin.

8. Newsletter

It is a solution that allows you to form your list and send out emails all from your WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, there’s an advanced tracking option, drag-and-drop email composer, and several extensions to help increase the functionality. Moreover, for larger mail outs you should have to use the Amazon SES add-on. Hence, it comes in one of the best email marketing plugins.

Pros: Beautiful, easy-to-customize email templates and subscription widgets. Then, Newsletter also offers free extensions for archiving, as well as locking premium content.

Cons: Further, the plugin will utilize your web host to send emails. Simultaneously, that can pose potential problems depending on the restrictions of the hosting provider.

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