money transfer apps

Top 15 Money Transfer Apps/Sites – Best Alternatives For Mobile Banking

Everything is advancing over time, and old money transfer services are moving their operations online. Compared to, old money transfer services, people prefer online services. As, it is more easy and quick than old money transfer services. However, there are a number of apps/sites with the latest features you can consider. Therefore, it is essential to

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payment gateway

Best Payment Gateways of 2022 

With the rise and change of technology and modernization, the modes of payments have also changed. Furthermore, due to digitalization, people have shifted their mode of payment from cash to cashless. The online modes of payment have made transactions more effortless and rapid. Moreover, payment gateway have reduced third-party dependencies. Payment gateway enable both brick-and-mortar

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Apple and Google service

Russian Bank Customers Can Not Use This Apple And Google Service

Russian bank customers banned from using Apple and Google service. The US is imposing sanctions on the country for attacking Ukraine. As a matter of fact, a number of customers at Russian banks are informed. That they are unable to use their bank cards with Apple and Google service. According to Russia’s Central Bank statement,

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