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Apple Just Made It Harder for Thieves to Make Money Off of Stolen iPhones

Apple made it harder for thieves to make money off of stolen iPhones, updated policy and features to protect the brand value.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 03-05-2022

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Just when you think the iPhone can't be better anymore, Apple surprises you even more. With tons of advanced features and fabulous designs, Apple is now handing out safety. And how is that, you may ask? Apple makes it more difficult for thieves to send stolen iPhones for repair.

According to an internal Apple letter obtained by MacRumors, technicians at Apple stores or Apple Authorized Service providers have to check the GSMA Device Registry. Furthermore, this is crucial to see if the phone they're working on has been reported stolen or lost. Therefore, if the phone is marked as lost in the registration, technicians have been directed not to work on it. According to MacRumors, this can possibly discourage thieves from sending stolen iPhones to Apple for repair.

iPhone users can update their phone's IMEI number on the device. After that, they can report their devices as missing on the GSMA Device Registry. The number may be discovered under General > About in the iPhone's Settings app. Also read, 9 hidden iOS tricks that iPhone user should know. 

According to MacRumors, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are currently prohibited from repairing an iPhone if the user is unable to disable the "Find My iPhone" function. It is a geolocation service that tracks the whereabouts of an iPhone. Thus, taking Apple's new policy a step further in preventing stolen iPhones from being sent to Apple's professionals for repair.

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