April 2022

fix your selfies

This Simple Iphone Tip Fixes Your Selfies Immediately — Try It Now

The mirror front camera iPhone feature only requires some seconds to turn on and off and can make a big difference to your pictures and fix your selfies. However, if you are thinking about what we talking about, have you ever noticed your selfies looking slightly different? Like after taking them from how they looked

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Netflix Cancels Several Series

Netflix Cancels Several Series Because Of Its Massive Loss Of Subscribers

Netflix losing the subscribers is nothing new anymore. Furthermore, many other streaming service cancelations are on the rise as well. However, amid the ongoing crisis, Netflix cancels several series to air. Even after lowering the subscription price, the entertainment giant announced the discontinuation of numerous shows. Moreover, it was necessary as cost-cutting measures to get

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hidden iOS tricks

9 Hidden iOS Tricks That Every iPhone User Should Know

Everyone tries to launch things to the best of their capabilities, more specifically the technology, incorporating everything best they can. And so did Steve Jobs in 2002, when he introduced the iPhone and iPhone Operating System. At the initial release, the device and product showed some promising factors and successful expansion. Both Apple and iOS

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Brave Is Bypassing Google Amp Pages Because They’re ‘harmful To Users’

Brave Is Bypassing Google Amp Pages Because They’re ‘Harmful To Users’

On Tuesday, Brave introduced De-AMP, a new feature for its browser that automatically passes over any page generated with Google’s Rapid Mobile Pages framework. And returns users to the original website. Furthermore, in a blog post, Brave stated, “Wherever possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs to prevent users from viewing Google AMP pages altogether.”

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Streaming service cancelations

Streaming service cancelations are on the rise — here’s what I’d keep

A new report has surfaced around the internet that there is a massive increase in streaming service cancelations. Furthermore, through analysis, Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and HBO Max are the most affected streaming services. However, the graph is more inclined toward Disney Plus, the most popular streaming service that has been canceled. Moreover, Netflix

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'mute' Button In Conferencing Apps May Not Actually Mute Your Mic

‘Mute’ Button In Conferencing Apps May Not Actually Mute Your Mic

According to a new study, pressing the mute button on popular video conferencing apps (VCA) does not always perform as planned, with apps listening in on your microphone. Furthermore, in the software under examination, pressing mute does not prevent audio from being sent to the apps’ servers on a continuous or periodic basis. Also, users

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smartphone battery life

10 Tips To Better Your Smartphone Battery Life

At present, a smartphone has every feature and performance-oriented specs to entice the eyes of the customers. Furthermore, smartphones offer the best design, camera, even computing power, and up-to-date operating systems. Indeed smartphones have come a long way over the years and can keep you company all day long. Thus, to keep you going and

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